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We've been asked by a lot of people how we've grown so quickly, and the answer is actually quite simple... We've aligned the entire organization around one mission: providing the best customer experience possible. We view fashion as investment, quality instead of quantity -- internally, we call this our Dejavu philosophy (check out our customer testimonials on Yelp)

We strive to tread those thin lines between fashion and art. We're devoted to the ever changing culture and spirit of this city, and the women who inhabit it. We immerse our clients in some of the most exclusive ready to wear pieces while they bask in the décor and ambiance that our art gallery boast. 

Aside from being one of the most interesting shops and art galleries in New York City, we are also an amazing tailor shop (Dejavu Tailoring). Our tailoring services were featured on DailyFinance. Make a visit to one of our 2 locations in Manhattan and become a part of the Dejavu family.

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