NBA All-Star Weekend Party

It was such a great moment to have celebrities, NBA & NFL athletes and their family members to be at a place like Dejavu Boutique and Art Gallery. There is nothing more appealing than to go to a beautiful shop, touch the things, see the things, try the things on, get it all in a beautiful art gallery where Andy Warhol, Max Ernst, and Mina Loy used to be. Princesses shop here. So do professional athletes. But at Dejavu, celebrity sightings rarely register a second glance. It is part of New York City culture. It's cool like that.

Thanks to our friends at Balenciaga, Maison Martin Margiella, HVML, Hennessey, and TRECHIC.

A special thanks to our guest Danny Green, EJ Manuel, Patrick Patterson, Muhammad WilkersonJeff Cumberland, and Lavan Wright for joining us.

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