Web Accessibility

DEJAVU NYC is committed to inclusion. This core principle comes through in the experiences we design our website.  Dejavu NYC conforms to the principles of WCAG 2.0 AA and reaches beyond compliance to provide clear navigation and use for all that may visit the website.  Dejavu NYC regularly tests its site with assistive technology such as screen readers and color correction tools.  We also maintain a online point of contact for accessibility on our website, info@dejavu.nyc.

Accessibility Features

-Supports full keyboard navigation, following established UI patterns such as Enter or Space for activating buttons, or ESC key to close dialogs.

-Skip to main content or footer links which set focus to target region -Leverage ARIA to provide descriptive website markup for assistive technology, which must organize and contextualize website elements.

-Alert screen readers to dynamic changes such as adding an item to one’s cart

-Association of form with labels, alternative text for images, and color contrast that supports all users including those with RGB blindness.

We can easily be contacted 24/7 at our direct number 646-270-6998.

All products and services available on this website are available at all of our physical store.