Evocation: Works and Projects

Evocation: Works and Projects was centered around artist Vicky Baranguett, Tarah Douglas, Dan Dragon, Shuri Jackson, Valeriy Skrypka, Olga Speigel, George Condo, Raleigh Ceasar Jr. and Phillippe Halsman -- we also had guest artist Victoria Yu unveil a few pieces from our next event and her first solo exhibit entitled "Édith".

We had a fantastic time at the Evocation: Works and Projects exhibition, the first of the summer for us. It was great to have different pallets of artist and enthusiast share their thoughts, views and ideas on art and fashion. No setting could've been better than our beautifully decorated Art Gallery to cater to such an eclectic group and we thank all of our artist, special guest and Dejavu patrons for coming and sharing the experience with us.

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