Dejavu NYC's F/W 15 Lookbook

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A look at some of the luxurious pieces we have in our collection from this season. 

Look 1
: This is for the chic city woman who not only beats the freezing weather but makes a statement while doing it. Pair this full leather body coat with a pair of black waxed jeans to wrap this stylish outfit together.


Sia Leather Down Coat With Fur Trim, Hazel Fur Headband, Naomi Gloves, Bandirma Over the Knee Boot, Hermine Leather Clutch
Sia Leather Down Coat With Fur TrimHazel Fur HeadbandHermine Leather ClutchNaomi GlovesBandirma Over the Knee Boot |

Look 2: 
An outfit for the woman who knows how to accessorize for the season. Worn with the right pair of leggings this down filled puffer coat will be more than enough to keep you sheltered from the winter temperatures.


Shauna Leather Down Coat With Fur Trim, Kelvin Aviator Hat, Begonia Below-The-Knee Boot, Aisha Fingerless Gloves

| Shauna Leather Down Coat With Fur TrimKelvin Aviator HatBegonia Below-The-Knee Boot | Aisha Fingerless Gloves |

Look 3: 
A bold colored down bomber for the bold trendsetter. This lively bomber would look great with pair of washed denim under these winter ready leg warmers.


Caballo Down Bomber With Fur Trim, Sylvanna Leg Warmers, Bitton Mid Calf Boot, Rory Beanie

Caballo Down Bomber With Fur Trim | Sylvanna Leg Warmers | Bitton Mid Calf Boot | Rory Beanie |

Look 4: 
For the woman who loves to feel the warmth and luxury of genuine lamb leather laced with rabbit fur. A fantastic take on the softer side of fighting the bitter cold. Layers of fur and leather to stylize your winter wardrobe. 


Arly Leather Sleeved Parka With Fur Trim, Rory Beanie, Aisha Fingerless Glove, Baime Ankle Boot

| Arly Leather Sleeved Parka With Fur Trim | Rory Beanie | Aisha Fingerless Glove | Baime Ankle Boot |


  • Shamea: January 22, 2016

    I love the styles

  • Janice: January 14, 2016

    Beaitiful outerwear and boots

  • kamisha grant: December 28, 2015

    I want this

  • Danette: December 27, 2015

    I love the style want to see all the clothes

  • Karen Inzar: December 25, 2015

    Love The Coats and Boots!

  • Tiffany Rodriguez : December 23, 2015

    Stay warm and keep your sexy while doing it. .
    Happy Holidays blessings

  • Vanessa Jones: December 14, 2015

    It’s a beautiful set

  • Antoinette Ingram : December 14, 2015

    Love this coat

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