Dejavu Boutique & Art Gallery

Since 2003 Dejavu Boutique & Art Gallery has been a staple of New York City's fashionable Upper East Side. Our location is within the walls of the legendary Bodley Gallery, which rose to prominence as the favored venue for renowned icon Andy Warhol, as well as being host to a slew of artists work including:
Picasso - Matisse - Paul Klee - Helen Gerardia - Fernand Leger - Max Ernst

Being the current residents of the Bodley Gallery is something that we at Dejavu, take as an honor. With that honor comes the responsibility to upkeep the artistic spirits and continue chronicling the contemporary and modern art scene -- as well as adding to NYC's illustrious fashion history.

Dejavu Boutique & Art Gallery

We've done that by preserving the second floor as a gallery space to showcase pieces from artists such as painter Vicky Barranguet and fashion designers Dominique Auxilly and Omar Escada. With our roots stemming from women's couture, we've curated some of the world's best fashion statements to call home in our first-floor boutique.

Dejavu Boutique & Art Gallery

We see art and fashion as timeless investments, customers are immersed in a collection of carefully hand-selected specialty garments, designed for the high-fashion woman who seeks that one-of-a-kind, yet easy style.    

In 2006 we chose to devote ourselves to understanding and mastering the art of fit by expanding our services to include in house production and professional tailoring services. Our design mission is to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure. We believe the perfect fit is the most essential part of our clothes.

On top of our pursuit for the perfect fit, we've made it our mission to source the most beautiful all-natural fabrics while making more productive use of natural resources.

Our offerings have been featured in New York Daily News. We view fashion as a timeless investment -- come visit us at one of our 2 locations in Manhattan and fall in love with what you wear.

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