We view fashion as investment. Quality instead of quantity.

Dejavu NYC is aligned around one mission: providing the best customer service possible. We believe in fashion as an investment, valuing quality over quantity. 

We believe in the simple act of taking care of the clothing we have. Extending a garment’s lifespan is the best, most responsible thing we can do to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the planet. This includes washing and storing items correctly, then mending and altering as time sees fit. The less need to purchase new garments, the more we can do to control emissions, waste, water consumption, and poor conditions for workers. We are the opposite of a fast fashion mentality. 

At Dejavu, our customers are more than just patrons—we stand together as sustainability warriors! We share a simple but crucial message: wear and mend what you already own for as long as possible. Increasing the lifespan of your clothing is a vote for a more sustainable future for you, your family, and the globe. 

By incorporating state-of-the-art fashion technology, Dejavu Tailoring has made protecting the environment easier than ever. Everything that leaves our shop is of the highest quality sewing, ensuring your garments last as long as possible. From purchase, to alteration, to repair, we are dedicated to reducing your carbon footprint at every stage. 

We view clothing not as a disposable good, but as an investment. One that will save you money, time, and that fast-fashion guilt. In addition to in-house alterations, offer alterations across the United States. That’s right—pin your alterations at home, mail them to Dejavu, and receive your newly tailored clothing in a few short weeks. It’s never been easier to ensure your clothes fit and flatter your body properly. 

In collaboration with top designers across the USA, we proudly provide low minimum order quantities to produce only what is needed, allowing us to upcycle unsold garments. We use all our scrap fabrics to create new and unique pieces, such as the scrunchies and masks available for sale in our boutique. 

Dejavu treads the thin line between art and fashion, devoted to the ever-changing culture of this city and the women who inhabit it. Within the ambiance of our famous art gallery, we immerse our clients in the most exclusive ready to wear pieces. Our tailoring services have been featured in DailyFinance and the New York Daily News. We look forward to seeing you soon.